PragmataPro at the ArtCenter – Pasadena CA

PragmataPro, with other multi-script typefaces, will be show at MIKE / SIERRA / TANGO exhibition.

Presented by Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography at ArtCenter College of Design south campus, Pasadena CA

Curated and Designed by Lavinia Lascaris, HMCT Exhibitions Designer.

Opens February 7 2019

Let’s meet us at the opening 🙂



PragmataPro 0.827: the cheetah release

With the help of @kelas and other good friends of Pragmata Pro
from the open source community, version 0.827 comes with a brand new
ligature substitution engine which is 10-20x faster than before,
depending on the input.

Now Pragmata Pro, with its 9437 glyphs, can be loaded in a few µs.

Practically a giant who run like a cheetah!

— Java and C/C++ reserved keywords are now kerned

Pragmata Pro
is the first monospaced typeface to offer precise glyph positioning in
common programming keywords, enabled by default in editors that support OpenType GPOS table.

The consistency and orthogonality of fixed pitch is now combined with the finesse of a proportional font.

The result is less tiring, aesthetically pleasing coding experience.

Your eye will know the difference before you do.

— Added Enclosed Alphanumerics set

— Enabled Hebrew Nikkud

— Added Markdown checklist ligatures

Markdown checklist ligatures are available enabling OpenType
Stylistic Set 12 in your editor and are based on these combinations:

- [ ]    - [-]    - [v]    - [x]

— Marks and accents are combinable with letters

Marks are often used in Phonetics texts and Mathematical formulas.

Since this version they are in their right place.

— Other improvements:

— all weights: problems with some terminal emulators have been resolved

— all weights: added these ligatures:

|- turnstile like

||- double turnstile like

_|_ bottom like

=~= <-< >-> <--> <== <<== ==>>

— all weights: vertical position of * (asterisk) are aligned to x-height

— Regular: improved TrueType hinting of → ← ↑ ↓ # { } / \

— Regular: improved the consistency between Mathematical Operators and Miscellaneous Technical set

— Bold, Italic and Bold Italic: added IPA characters and its extensions

— all weights: typing us after numbers and space will appears microsecond µs in serif variant

Feel free to contact me directly or notify an issue via Github to improve PragmataPro again and again.
Thank you!

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Fabrizio Schiavi at Milan Design Week

One of the most successful projects by Fabrizio Schiavi Design is certainly Siruca, the typographical system created in 2006 for the wayfinding of the complex Al Hamra in Kuwait City.

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2018, a special stencil in plexiglass containing the essential letters of the Siruca alphabet will be exhibited in via Ventura 12.

Every visitor can write using the stencil what he things in a 100 meter paper, buying a deck of Siruca Playing Cards or just take a free copy of a poster designed for this exhibition with all characters of Pragmata Pro in one of the sides.

See you at Milan Design Week!

via Ventura 12, Milan
April 17—22 2018

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PragmataPro Live in Rome!

PragmataPro Live is the exhibition of the first set of 9,000 glyphs of the Regular weight printed on a Forex panel of 21 meters folded into a big spiral.

PragmataPro exhibition is hosted by Aiap at the first floor of Palazzo Poli, the palace where was build Trevi Fountain in Rome and it’s visible until October 1, 2017


PragmataPro 0.826 Ligatures in mono version? Why not!

After many requests, I decided to change the font files structure of PragmataPro:

The PragmataPro complete pack includes two folders: Fonts with ligatures and Fonts without ligatures
Both folders includes two kind of fonts grouped as Modularspaced and Monospaced.

The goal is to fit the need to have Modularspaced fonts without ligatures, Monospaced fonts with ligatures.
Two situations impossible to get before.

— New ligatures for R language and C#

Now the entire set of ligatures has reached 177 for every weight (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic)!

— Harmonized APL symbols

Thanks to the help of abrudz now PragmataPro has more consistent APL symbols

— Minor improvements:

— Regular and Italic: improved the TrueType hinting

— all weights: ligatures are now more compatible with IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA

Log-in and download your updated files for free, if you purchased the license from this site.

Feel free to contact me directly or notify an issue via Github to improve PragmataPro again and again.
Thank you!

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