Another Award!


With the Hiii Typography Merit Award, our Widiba institutional typeface won the third award!!!


New release: custom fonts for Widiba

Designed for Widiba, a new bank of Gruppo Monte dei Paschi di Siena.
The fonts (four sans and one serif) are part of the branding corporate done by jekyll & hyde. Widiba’s fonts are optimized to be readable in every device thanks to an accurated TrueType hand hinting.

New release: Abitare Sans™

The custom font designed for Abitare magazine will be available in august 2013, meanwhile you can taste it downloading the amazing specimen designed by Artiva


Arriva Nove™ la città trema

Arriva Nove™, la città trema!

My Nove™ font in use at the billboard of the Nike advertising campaign Milano Kalibro Kobe.
A my font has never been printed so big!


B type in a B movie

B-type in a B-movie

What do you think about the typography of this video for Nike?
More info


My custom fonts for Beretta

My custom fonts for Beretta