Another Award!


With the Hiii Typography Merit Award, our Widiba institutional typeface won the third award!!!


Daily trends set in PragmataPro

If you like previous post using PragmataPro to visualize some trends found in the social networks, you can continue to follow at this my new blog:

This is my new playground.
I like to do these pictures, a lot

The picture above is the release of today about #HeritageDay inspired by this tweet

Keep in touch!

DIY the chess set in PragmataPro


To thanks all who supported PragmataPro project I decided to let download for free an A4 with the new glyphs for chess I done for the next release 0.821.

The strange design of these symbols is because the symbols, as all the PragmataPro glyphs, are designed to be used at very low sizes.

After the download this pdf it’s necessary a bit of cuts but the result is interesting to me. I hope you’ll enjoy your new chessboard and thanks again!
Keep in touch version 0.821 will be released soon

DIY chess by Fabrizio Schiavi set in PragmataPro

DIY chess by Fabrizio Schiavi set in PragmataPro

New release: custom fonts for Widiba

Designed for Widiba, a new bank of Gruppo Monte dei Paschi di Siena.
The fonts (four sans and one serif) are part of the branding corporate done by jekyll & hyde. Widiba’s fonts are optimized to be readable in every device thanks to an accurated TrueType hand hinting.

My animated poster about monetary sovereignty

My animated poster about monetary sovereignty. Who controls this controls everything in our life. In this poster the pictograms of Colisseum of Rome (set on Siruca font) disappears years after years, metaphor of the actual economy.
This work is CC BY-SA and you are free to share and use.