PragmataPro “resident” typeface of Buffer app

PragmataPro “resident” typeface of Buffer app

Buffer is a very interesting text editor for iPhone



Eco-nomico™ in use: Austin City Limits Festival

Eco-nomico™ in use: Austin City Limits Festival

It’s a big surprise for me to see my experimental Eco-nomico typeface used as branding font for a known festival like this!

Another great satisfaction. Thanks!

metanetsoftware: We’ve been trying to nail down the menu…


We’ve been trying to nail down the menu functionality and look and feel of the UI over the course of the last year, and we feel that, after a few iterations, it’s finally starting to come together. There’s a whole layer of transitions and animations left to apply, plus some general spacing and layout to tweak, but we’re really happy with the clean simplicity of the menus so far.

The font is a huge part of that. We’re using Sys, by intrepid designer Fabrizio Schiavi:

Sys is a well-balanced, slick font that works in many weights. We’re loving how smooth and distinct it looks, it seems to complement the sharp corners of the menus nicely. Plus, it matches the look of the in-game graphics really well!

You can buy Sys here:

Wow! Thank you!

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