PragmataPro 0.822 – the silent revolution


There are a lot of changes in the version 0.822 of PragmataPro:


➊ Perfect integration with CJK fonts and Emoji

All the glyphs are been scaled to exactly 0.5 em² wide (= 1024-unit em) so they are compatible with CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) characters, where every character are exactly 1 em² wide (= 2048 unit)




➋ All the arrows, planned by Unicode until now, are been designed

PragmataPro is now the first modular/monospaced font of the history that includes all these arrows.
You can see all from my Github repository named ‘Arrow Finder



➌ Towards completion of Math support

It’s been improved the design of U+2200 – U+22FF Mathematical Operators set
added the U+2980 – U+29FF Misc. Mathematical Symbols-B set
added the U+2A00 – U+2AFF Supplemental Math Operators set
under the precious supervision of Pierre Le Marre



➍ New ligatures for functional programming languages

The design of ligatures that includes < and > is changed
Added a lot of new ligatures to improve the programming in Haskell, Scala, Swift … in all the weights available


Feel free to contact me directly or notify an issue via Github to improve PragmataPro again and again.
Thank you!


PragmataPro Arabic!

PragmataPro Arabic sample_

PragmataPro Arabic!

Yes, version 0.816 will includes almost all the Arabic glyphs.

براجماتابرو هو صممه فابريزيو شيافي منذ 2009، وهو ما زال قيد التطوير. والهدف تغطية جميع اللغات الممكنة في خط أحادي المسافة مختصرة مفيدة للمبرمجين والرياضيات، فونولينجويستس، وهلم جرا…
في عام 2014 الهدف لتغطية المجموعة العربية. دعونا نحاول! هل تحب اللغة العربية براجماتابرو؟ اسمحوا لي أن أعرف إذا كنت تجد شيئا سيئاً في هذا
Thank you very much!