My animated poster about monetary sovereignty

My animated poster about monetary sovereignty. Who controls this controls everything in our life. In this poster the pictograms of Colisseum of Rome (set on Siruca font) disappears years after years, metaphor of the actual economy.
This work is CC BY-SA and you are free to share and use.



PragmataPro poker cards pictograms inside

PragmataPro poker cards pictograms inside

Available from version 0.816, are designed for text only reports.
There are three kind of pictograms:
A) for vertical structures
B) for vertical structures with the corner of the card silouette
C) for horizontal structures and very low sizes.
All available using OpenType features


Siruca™ in use for Ape/car exhibition


A good use of my Siruca font
Pictures and pictograms perfectly combined by Demetrio Mancini.
More infos are here


Demanding more creativity

Just discovered another clone of Siruca project, for Demand Media.
Ok, thanks, but where is my part of money?


Another Siruca signage system

Another Siruca™ signage system

Good use of our Siruca Pictograms as signage system of an hotel/spa


Siruca 1.1

Siruca 1.1 contents new exclusive transportation pictographs and emoticons

All these symbols appear by typing the corresponding word if is selected the OpenType feature called Optional ligatures

For example: if you type key word will become magically the pictogram key
I hope you enjoy the new Siruca as much as I like!