Abitare Sans 1.06 out now!

After the successful selling of Abitare Sans I decided to add and improve some glyphs


➊ Improvements

Almost all the design of the main Latin letters was changed to
improve text readability. All is more proportional and harmonious now.

The design of the curly quotes are changed to be more recognizable in texts.

Question mark, and its derived glyphs, are now more condensed and inspired to the design of the traditional serif typefaces.
Abitare Sans now has a more sharp geometric outline.

➋ Cyrillic set

Since v_1.06 Abitare Sans includes Cyrillic alphabet in all the 30 weights, both in Roman and Italic version.



New release: custom fonts for Widiba

Designed for Widiba, a new bank of Gruppo Monte dei Paschi di Siena.
The fonts (four sans and one serif) are part of the branding corporate done by jekyll & hyde. Widiba’s fonts are optimized to be readable in every device thanks to an accurated TrueType hand hinting.


New release: Abitare Sans™

The custom font designed for Abitare magazine will be available in august 2013, meanwhile you can taste it downloading the amazing specimen designed by Artiva


VIM Powerline “inside”

VIM Powerline “inside”

PragmataPro v 0.811 includes new glyphs useful for VIM Powerline


New release: Sys™ 2.0


Numerous updates in Sys 2.0


Siruca 1.1

Siruca 1.1 contents new exclusive transportation pictographs and emoticons

All these symbols appear by typing the corresponding word if is selected the OpenType feature called Optional ligatures

For example: if you type key word will become magically the pictogram key
I hope you enjoy the new Siruca as much as I like!